Anticonline manages the shipment of the objects and furniture bought through the website with the cooperation, advice and expertise of the major leading companies in this field and relying on the experience built through the thousands of annual shipments carried out and organised by our company.

ShippingA particular care is used for packaging and transport, with a direct and steady contact with our trusted forwarders.

A quick delivery is combined with a great care in packaging. Though, it is worth noting that the shipping of antiques requires a number of slow and delicate operations so that, in some cases, delivery cannot be prompt. With the collaboration of trusted and specialised forwarders, we ship to all over Europe and to the major countries of the world.

Container hire service

Container hire serviceFor customers who wish to buy big volumes of goods we offer a service of storage container hire: we can keep on deposit the goods until they reach the volume of one container or more, take care of the customs clearance and follow the transit of the goods.

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