Hereditary division

Hereditary division
Our staff is at your disposal for drafting inventories of hereditary division and expertises.

The inventory is an accurate but rapid process and consists of a site visit and the drafting of a list of the items, including pictures and a brief description of each item, in order to define their history, timing and value, but without a comprehensive study.

It is an excellent tool to determine the value of the assets and proceed to a fair hereditary division.

It is a charged service and its cost is calculated on a hourly rate.

We can formulate an estimate of the cost; the service of inventory may be free in the case the material or part of it is offered for purchase to Anticonline.

The expertises involves a greater effort in terms of study and research and its effect is the production of an accurate and detailed document touching all the essential aspects of the examined item. It is recommended in situations of greater complexity and in the case of furniture, objects or paintings of a great historical and artistic value.

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