Our experts are at your disposal to assist you in drawing up an estimation of your assets corresponding to the real market situation, as a first and necessary step in the decision of selling a property asset. The estimate operation is free and performed on the basis of an analysis of the historical and artistic value of the object, also considering variables such as conservation status, rarity and market demand. .

Estimates can be performed on single objects such as paintings and furniture or on lots and complete furnishing and are not binding for the property. It is also possible to request an orientative estimate by sending pictures; an on-the-spot investigation will necessarily follow in order to confirm and complete a purchase.

For any information contact us at 0039 (0)2 95345282 or send pictures to, specifying all the details about the item you own (origin, presumed attributions, previous estimates, conservation status, etc. )

If, instead, you wish to receive an expertise with legal value for inheritance divisions, please look at "Services" section.

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