About us

Anticonline is a team of experts at your disposal to give the right value to your furniture, paintings, antiques and excellent design.

The strength of our group, based in Milan and a logistic department of more then 4000 sqm outside Milan, is our choice of combining passion and competence in the evaluation of art and antiques with the use of modern and appropriate tools to optimise the possibility of placing it on the market. In particular, a large and intense activity in online commerce through our websites allowed us to contact and gain the trust of a wide range of customers, both national for Italian antiques and international for excellent design items. Today this visibility allows us to be competitive compared to traditional sales channels, because of a wider and more diversified ability to reach the end user.

Another strength point is the creation of a team composed of researchers and experts of furniture history and art, both internal and external to the company, chosen among the most competent and recognised; this is because the complexity of today's studies of antiques require, in order to give the right value to the items proposed, accurate and relevant documents, which help meeting the needs of the most sophisticated custumer, both Italian and international. Under the coordination and leading of Mr Enrico Sala, certificated antiquarian and expert of Italian and European antique furniture, and Mr Adriano Scaglia, specialised in ancient and modern art, your assets will be analysed and valued, also with the help of our consultants operating in national and international field.

Beside the service of evaluation and purchase, we have the possibility, if necessary, to restore furnitures and paintings, in order to propose them in the national and international markets in the best conditions, also providing delivery service: Anticonline can count on a staff offering an efficient service for customers and on a logistics group taking care of all the necessary procedures and documents for shipment and delivery, both national and international.

Our experts

Enrico SalaEnrico Sala
Antique furniture

Enrico SalaAdriano Scaglia
Ancient and modern art
Roberto Monti
Roberto Monti
Design and XX century objects

Simone Papini
Simone Papini
Contemporary Art
Giulia Oriani
Giulia Oriani
Ancient and rare books


Our staff

Matteo GattiaMatteo Gattia
Stefania RuggeriStefania Ruggeri
Finance department 
Massimiliano BesanaMassimiliano Besana
Logistics and delivery

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